• Magstripe Card
  • Contact Smart Card
  • Dual Interface Card
  • Transparent Card
  • Magstripe Concealing Card
  • Contactless Smart Card
  • Rewrite Card (PVC/PET)
  • 3D Tone Card

Other various material cards

PVC / PET / Crisper / Stainless / Biomass etc.

Biomass Card Front


Read-Writer is a thermal printer for rewrite card solution. It has enhanced security functions, excellent cost performance and various uses as any marketing tools for your business.

  • CRW-STA V2

    Stand alone type
    [CRW-STA V2]

    CRW-STA V2 has our original ‘‘Point card program’’ application as a standard equipment. In retail, food and other service industries, this can be used whenever you want.

  • CRW-POS V2

    PC/ POS connection type
    [CRW-POS V2]

    CRW-POS V2 can be connected with any systems, POS system, your original system and so on.

  • RIC-250/NA

    PC/POS connection type for Mifare

    RIC-250/NA can be connected with any systems, POS system, your original system and so on.

  • Feature of Rewrite card

    Feature of Rewrite card
    -Visible information can be updated (writing, erasing and rewriting) several hundred times.
    -It can save resources and costs.
    -Any application can be integrated.
    -Both thick(PVC) and thin(PET) cards are available.
    -Blue printing or black printing can be chosen.
  • application

    Use application
    -Loyalty card (Membership card) : Retail store / Restaurant / Beauty salon etc.
    -ID card : Hospital / University / School / Office / Residence
    -Ticket / Pass : Transportation / Exhibition Center / Amusement park / Ski resort
    -Others: Hotel card key / Prepaid card / Logistics

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NATEC Sales office list


Company name NATEC Incorporated Overseas Dept.
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